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My name is Jordan White. My life is, well, complex. At age 3 I was diagnosed with a form of autism known as asperger's syndrome. The news affected my parents deeply, yet they knew that they had to figure out a way to help me manage my disability to manage my full potential. They put me in a regular school with regular kids in the hopes that I could learn how they behaved and model it. This paid off well, and I graduated from Kennesaw Mountain High School in Kennesaw, GA. I was then accepted to go to college at Kennesaw State University, where I am currently studying computer science.

My love for moving images and creating different worlds that couldn't possibly exist in real life began when I first saw moving images on a television set. This sparked my curiousity and imagination. How exactly did they make those images move, and what technology inside the television set or outside it helped make it possible. Animation became a peculiar passion of mine because it was completely different from live action and more regular shows that featured real live people in them. The first movie I ever saw in a theater was an animated film, namely The Lion King. Seeing those images up on a screen 90 times the size of a television set really made me want to do the stuff they were doing. I was also amazed at puppet shows on television, such as Sesame Street and Lamb Chop's Play Along, because cute cartoony characters could now exist with real live people, which was awesome. I was amazed even further when I saw Toy Story in theaters back in 1995. It then become clear, yep, I want to become a filmmaker and create new worlds beyond people's imagination. In recent years, I've developed a little more respect for live action, but my passion with animation and puppetry still remains, and let me tell you, I am willing to direct films that are animated in either 2D, 3D, or stop motion, yet my personal preference is 2D because 2D was where animation got popular in the first place. My main influences in animation come from old school Disney, Pixar, and Rankin Bass Productions, the company behind the Rudolph and Frosty Christmas specials.

I started making videos starting in 2005. Before that, I thought I could just continue with the radio show, like the 30s or 40s, because Adventures in Odyssey was doing it. I used an old program called PhotoStory to make my first video, consisted of drawing with tools inside a program called PAINT.NET, a more advanced version of Microsoft Paint thats free to download for Windows. Then my next video moved to taking photographs and taking video of little popsicle stick figures that I made using popsicle sticks and card stock paper, where the characters were drawn on card stock paper and then taped to the popsicle stick stands. I shot the videos using a format known as MiniDV, the best we could get at the time considering that HD did not hit the mainstream yet. The series of videos I was making was part of a show entitled Sampson the Teenage Boy and Friends. I did everything on that show, everything was created by me, the script, the models, the effects, the voices, the direction, the editing, everything. I was heavily influenced by Thomas the Tank Engine, created by Rev. W. Awdry and adapted for television by Britt Allcroft, to make this show because that show used models moving on a set and stage to create their stories. However, I could never get to emulating the high quality set upon by either that show or big blockbuster movies themselves. The reason why I liked to do these videos a long time before college was that it was some sort of hobby, yet the whole goal of these videos was to try and make the characters come to life, like they could move and have personality. I've tried doing animation myself, but I found my work too sloppy and the process took too long, so I started doing YouTube videos, which you can follow on my YouTube account at MrDunwittyJ. I am still learning new skills in making videos and films, continuing to study up on programming, and am planning to make an animated short film entitled Tomorrow May Begins. What it really boils down to in making films and animation is the story. I really wouldn't care if the animation or film was so cheap looking, what matters is that I get a great message across.

My love with computers must have begun with my dad helping me use a computer to teach me certain things back when I was a toddler. He used a program known as Mickey Walking, and when he typed in a letter A, I would just finish it off with the rest of the alphabet, because I was developing quite well. During elementary school, I wanted to know where video games come from, because for my generation, Nintendo video games were basically the bee's knees. I tried learning a little bit about a language known as QBasic, but it didn't do me much good, but then I learned about programming languages, the entire backbone to video games and computers themselves. The first programming language I learned was HTML, and that was to help me create a website to put up my videos on, plus tell a little bit about myself. Then I started learning about more difficult programming languages, a task which continues for me this very day. Java, C#, XML, Ada, Python, and SQL are now part of my experience in programming, and I'm willing to learn other languages because the technology is always changing.

This is some of my work in puppeteering and doing some voice work. Unfortunately, I have to work on a zero-budget in puppeteering and voice-work, because I don't have monitors to look at my performance, nor do I have a professional recording studio. There will be more episodes about Dunwitty's Media Basket, because it's a show that teaches kids and adults about technology, how it works, and how they can use it to the fullest potential.

This is a list of the services I can provide to you and to your production. I'm still learning about new things in each of these areas:

  • Writing

  • Directing

  • Voice-Over and Voice Acting

  • Editing

  • Camerawork

  • Puppeteering

  • Web Development (coincidentally, I developed this website myself)

  • Java, C#, XML, SQL, Ada, and Python programming (currently itching to learn C++ and other languages)

The best way to get in touch with me is through my agent, Mr. David White Sr. His contact details are here:

Work: 678-766-6600
Cell: 678-920-2462
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Gallery of my childhood drawings I also experienced in drawing cartoons, but I could never get as good as Disney or Pixar. I could only get about as good as Charles Schulz, creator of Peanuts. These, I think, consist of some of my best work. Most of them date back to my high school days, but some are fairly recent, such as the drawings of My Little Pony OC characters. Oh, and Dunwitty's Media Basket as well.

Sampson A creation of mine, Sampson.

Kittygirl Another creation of mine, Kittygirl.

Wonderful Life Indeed Two of my creations, Sampson and Kittygirl, sporting a look highly influental of the Christmas classic, It's a Wonderful Life.

Lil' Froggy Another creation of mine, Lil' Froggy

Werewolf What I accomplished here was that I drew a werewolf that actually looked scary without being too scary for kids. This is a valuable skill I need to have, considering that I'm looking to create family entertainment in the future.

Dunwitty's Media Basket I haven't included Dunwitty's 5 friends in my puppet series, Dunwitty's Media Basket yet, but with a bigger budget I can probably get around to it. This is seen in the intro for Dunwitty's Media Basket.

Emerald Wishes the Unicorn This is my own My Little Pony OC, a unicorn named Emerald Wishes. Stats about him are included in the photo. He's basically a reflection of myself as a pony. Hopefully, I will collaborate with Hasbro one day and include this character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic The Movie, for worldwide theaters instead of a select theaters and direct to video release.

Popsicle Stick Characters During my stint of creating self made videos and a show called Sampson the Teenage Boy and Friends, I used live action models that I created by drawing characters on card paper, cutting them out, taping them to popsicle sticks, and then creating a stand out of two L-shaped folded card paper. Card paper is more durable than regular copy paper, that's why I selected it for my figures.

Action Figures! I've also used action figures as a way to create characters for my videos. The whole goal of my videos was to try and bring characters that couldn't possibly exist in the real world to life.

LEGOs on Film I've even used LEGO toys to create models for my videos. The wonders of being zero-budget.

Jolly Fair Peanut This is a character I created for a commercial project I had to do in a class that was teaching ALICE, a scripting and prototyping environment program for 3D object behavior. I tried to base his look off some of the old Goofy Grape Kool Aid advertising characters.

Pure Romance! Sampson and Kittygirl share a kiss. One thing that was kinda unique about my self created videos is that the principal characters had no arms or legs, sort of like VeggieTales.

I'm Grumpy! Grumpy Bear from Care Bears.

Dressed for SuccessSampson, Kittygirl, Lil' Froggy, and another creation, Redstraw, who looks like a more pleasant, family friendly version of Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, are dressed for success!

Cute little elf An elf that sports a look highly influential of the elves from the Rankin Bass Christmas Special Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

A fair frog! A frog drawn based on the look of Jay Ward cartoons.

AUUUGGGHHHH!!! Sampson, shocked at the sight of a werewolf, wears a face similar to one that Charlie Brown from the Peanuts would make.

Photoshop! An example of how I can photoshop certain photos to get the face or scene that I want.

TrailBlaze the Alicorn Though the drawing is not as accurate as Emerald Wishes, this is also a good My Little Pony OC. He's an alicorn, or a winged unicorn, for those of you in the not know. I created him in response to the MLP crew at Hasbro making Twilight into an alicorn, which is a move that turned out better than I expected.

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